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A generator for each requirement… Industrial Generators

We can all get a great opportunity to buy an establishment, a business, a space that we can reform and transform into the industry we dream about.

But it may happen that this space is located in an area where, for example, the feeding conditions are not constant, either they lack up-to-date and stable infrastructure, or they need a better supply of energy based on regional needs and climate variations.

We are also affected when we have already activated and consolidated our industries, and we run the risk of seeing our production and profitability affected by interruptions in the electricity supply.


winter storm

The winter storm at the end of the year

At Brags & Hayes Generators, we have watched with great concern how the winter storm at the end of the year has wreaked havoc on a large part of the population of the United States.

As a company that works in the generation of safe energy, we are in solidarity with all those who have suffered interruption of this service at the time when it is most necessary to heat our homes, and guarantee the continuity of the operation of our businesses and companies.


What are the Differences between prime power source and standby power source?

If you’ve been looking for a generator for your home, factory or business you’ve surely come across the following terms: “main generator”, “whole house generator” (for home power) and “standby generator”. But what exactly do these terms mean and what implications do they have?

solar power generator

The Efficiency of solar powered generator systems Vs fuel power generator systems

Brags & Hayes Generator is a company focused on energy production that has been studying the advances in solar powered generator technology in recent years. For this reason we have progressively incorporated new novel products into our solar powered generator technology offerings. However, the big question that is very frequently asked by our clients these days is: Are solar powered generator technologies as efficient as fossil fuel power generation systems?


Kohler SDMO, a versatile industrial generator

More than 50 years ago, a story began in France. The story of an industry with talented people and cutting-edge French engineering. Its power has been a clear vocation to provide people with the vital energy they need, wherever they need it. The result of this success story is highly effective engineering, driven by the desire to always do better. This is what is behind the already famous Kohler SDMO brand.

It is for this reason that the Brags & Hayes team has not hesitated for a moment to accompany Kohler SDMO in the distribution and technical support of its products in the Caribbean and Latin America from our operations center in Florida. All our effort is placed in bringing to our clients the wonderful Kohler SDMO industrial generator sets and all the pre-sale and post-sale service of Brags & Hayes.