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I want to be part of DNAs (Distribution Network Alliance)

Being part of the Brags & Hayes´s DNAs (Distribution Network Alliance) is to be part of our global network of success! 

With more than three decades of successful business in the power generation field, Brags & Hayes developed the DNA concept and program. The Brags & Hayes Authorized Partner Program.

Why become a Brags & Hayes DNA?

Preferential prices

Increase your profit margins by accessing power generation products and original spare parts with a preferential price.

Preferential online support

Permanent preferential online support and in communication with manufacturers to increase their level of effectiveness in solving customer service problems. Quality technical information is the key.

Customer Assignment

Assignment of Brags & Hayes customers for direct attention in the field and as a team with our engineers. Become our sales and technical representative in your territory.

Specialized technical training

Receive regular training in the latest power generation technologies from our engineers and specialists and from the leading manufacturers in the market.

Preferential support in logistics

Receive preferential treatment for the shipment of generators and spare parts to your territory

Preferential support in procuring products

Have an ally in the American market for the procurement of products for your business, with logistics support, temporary storage and consolidation in our warehouses in Florida-USA.

Training in Marketing, sales and customer service

Receive regular training in marketing, sales and customer service applied to the power generation industry.

Marketing support services at preferential prices

Receive advice, support and specialized marketing services to grow your business in the area of energy generating product veins and services.

Through the DNA, Brags & Hayes provides its “know how”, its wide range of products, and its success formula. This results in collaboration within the network. Together we create and develop new business opportunities, maintain our high standards and share mutual benefits.

Being part of the Brags & Hayes´s DNAs means that your company will be on the winning team worldwide.

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brangs and hayes
generator room emergency power supply powered by diesel power selective focus t20 lLQjnb
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