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We are your one stop shop
for power generator sets

for mobile, home, industrial and marine applications
brangs and hayes
our service makes the difference
The best products

We have taken great care in selecting the best brands and products on the market related to energy production. If a product is available in our online store, it is because it has the highest quality and we can guarantee the support.

pre-sale service

We understand that buying a product related to power generation requires adequate advice and support to match your investment and provide a solution to your needs. We will make sure you are in for a smart purchase.

after sales service

We are here to service you and to make sure the investment you made was worthwhile. Our mission is to guarantee your chose equipment works correctly, while maintaining operational efficiency. We make sure to apply prevention checks appropriately so you never experience energy shortages.

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Brags & Hayes is an international company formed by a visionary team with over three decades of experience in the field of power generation, based in South Florida, USA.

Brags & Hayes offers the leading market brands, such as Blue Star, Gillette, Cummins, Dina Power Systems, Kohler, Kohler SDMO, Generac, Lister Petter, MTS Power Products and much more. 

In our stock we have generators sets from 5KVA up to 4,000 KVA for immediate delivery. We offer a wide selection of generator set accessories such as fuel tanks, trailers, silencers, enclosures and reliable automatic transfer switches. We have everything from transfer loads to emergency sources and other options for all your needs. In addition to our inventory, we have immediate access to factory stock, which enables us to meet your needs in the shortest period of time.

In addition to our inventory, we have immediate access to the factories stock, given us the capability to meet your needs in the shortest period of time.

Brags & Hayes is to SERVICE. You have the pre-sale and post-sale service which guarantees a wise purchase and full availability of your equipment. Our certified technicians will make sure your generator is in top operating condition and ready when you need it.

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