Marine energy generation

Get to know the topics and products of interest related to the energy generation in the marine environment.
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Are marine generators different from other power generators?

Are marine generators different from the generators used for industrial purposes, commerce or for home? What makes them different? Why are they in fact different? These are all common questions that we receive from our customers, especially new boat owners, who just bought a boat and want to equip it with a power generator to increases their comfort and their autonomy at sea.

In this article we will delve into this topic by analyzing why a marine generator is a unique piece of engineering that is different from its terrestrial counterparts.

kohler marine generator

Is a Kohler Marine Generator a quality product?

If you are one of those people who are passionate about life at sea, it does not matter what boat you sail, having available energy in reliable and versatile form with worldwide support is of vital importance.

There are many generators brands serving the marine market, that require special products, designed and manufactured to work in the demanding marine environment. However, having a Kohler Marine Generator on your boat can be essential to making full and safe use of it, below we explain why.