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Is a Kohler Marine Generator a quality product?

kohler marine generator

Kohler Marine Generators have been on the market for a long time (since 1920), but are they really good products?

If you are one of those people who are passionate about life at sea, no matter what boat you sail, it is important to have energy available in a reliable and versatile form no matter where you are in the world.

There are many generator brands serving the marine market, which requires products, designed and manufactured to work in the demanding marine environment. A Kohler Marine Generator can be essential to making the best and safest use of your boat. Keep reading to find out why. 

Kohler Marine Generator

Reliable design and versatility.

Every responsible captain needs a reliable marine power source, and reliability is where a Kohler Marine Generator excels. Kohler has been perfecting its designs, materials, and manufacturing processes. A lot of engineering talent and industrial process goes into every Kohler Marine Generator.

All KOHLER marine generators undergo extensive quality testing, at the design stage and before each unit leaves the manufacturing floor for sale. Each circuit, solder and cable is designed and manufactured with the highest quality standards, to allow optimum performance in the demanding marine environment. This results in proven reliability.

Marine generators have built-in parallel controllers. Why is this important? Each Kohler Marine Generator has built-in paralleling controllers to be configured into a network of integrated generators to provide you with safe, reliable power when you need it most.

The revolutionary KOHLER ® Decision-Maker® 3500 eliminates the need for oversized, expensive add-ons and complicated installations. Integrated charge management software eliminates excessive fuel consumption issues and the need for exhaust gas treatment systems. The Decision-Maker® 3500 is compatible with existing systems. When wired for V-bias/S-bias or drop inputs, it can run in parallel with existing load sharing modules for more installation options.

Kohler Marine Generator

A parallel “PGEN” connection of up to eight Kohler Marine Generators of different sizes with a single communication cable allows for maximum power deployment. When the load of the first generator is light, the second generator automatically shuts down. When the load is heavy, the second generator automatically comes online to provide the power needed to support the load.

Kohler marine generators are designed to have fewer points of possible failure, which means greater reliability.

Remote monitoring

With a Kohler Marine generator you can monitor and control the generator from wherever you are on the boat, even in multiple locations. For a responsible captain that is vital!

Corrosion protection

Every Kohler Marine Generator is manufactured with fully potted circuit boards and sealed connectors to protect the controller and alternator from the harsh conditions of the marine environment.

Proper engine combustion

Kohler Marine Generators run on electronically controlled pressure. The fuel system provides just the right amount of fuel at the right time. The objective, to operate at the point of greatest efficiency.

Smaller size, greater versatility and better performance.

Comparatively smaller, quieter, and with less vibration than similar products on the market, Kohler Marine Generators have become a new sound standard for marine generators. This comes from their redesigned sound shield, engine and alternator compartments, and improvements to the air management system, which significantly reduces noise levels during operation. Additionally, they feature a patented anti-vibration mount system that dampens the motor while it operates to eliminate vibrations. Add to that the advanced parallel control system, which eliminates the need for oversized operations on each use.

Availability of spare parts worldwide

Kohler Marine Generator parts

Kohler products have nearly 1,000 sales, parts and service locations around the world, ready to help you wherever you are with your boat. That really gives peace of mind!

For all of the reasons above, buying a Kohler Marine Generator for your boat is the best way to guarantee your boat has energy in a reliable, versatile way, with worldwide technical support.

Why buy a Kohler marine generator in the Brags & Hayes web store?

At Brags & Hayes we strive to guarantee you the best prices on the market, the best pre-sales service and the best after-sales service, so that your investment in energy operates optimally over time. Remember, it’s not just buying the generator, it matters that you buy what you need and it matters what happens after you buy it.

If you need to buy an excellent generator for your boat, at the best market price and with the best technical support, here is a list of Kohler marine generators that you can buy in our web store!

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