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Prepare your power generator and home for winter holiday travel

When the winter holidays come we all rejoice. It is a perfect time to travel. The kids have the week off, the college students are back home for a while.
It’s a great opportunity to travel… but if we don’t prepare things well, the trip can turn into a nightmare.

Next, we try to guide you on what details related to your home and your power generator(s) (the RV’s portable and/or the one you leave at home), you should keep in mind and prepare to spend a wonderful vacation without setbacks.

winter storm

The winter storm at the end of the year

At Brags & Hayes Generators, we have watched with great concern how the winter storm at the end of the year has wreaked havoc on a large part of the population of the United States.

As a company that works in the generation of safe energy, we are in solidarity with all those who have suffered interruption of this service at the time when it is most necessary to heat our homes, and guarantee the continuity of the operation of our businesses and companies.


What are the Differences between prime power source and standby power source?

If you’ve been looking for a generator for your home, factory or business you’ve surely come across the following terms: “main generator”, “whole house generator” (for home power) and “standby generator”. But what exactly do these terms mean and what implications do they have?

hot weather

Why heat waves cause power outages and how to prevent it from affecting us?

Whether we believe it or not, it is a fact that climate change is affecting our daily lives and impacts us to an extent we can no longer ignore. It has been common in the recent decade that we experience power outages caused by powerful storms and hurricanes. This clearly puts the entire operation of the public electricity network to the test since such climatic phenomena are ever more frequent and carry more force.

However, in recent times we have been facing new threats, increasingly frequent and intense heat waves that are testing the energy supply globally presenting a series of new problems.

The following article offers a detailed analysis to help you understand why the recent heat waves produce long power outages ever more frequently in all corners of the world. Importantly, it will give you tips to prevent being affected by this new reality.

weather warnings near me (backup energy)

Weather warnings near me, how to be always prepared

As the commercial operations center of Brags & Hayes Generators is located in Florida and we serve both the American market and the entire Caribbean and Central American market, the focus of this article is on the most present natural phenomenon of the region, the hurricanes.

The following article answers in detail some of the most frequently asked questions on the internet lately. WEATHER WARNINGS NEAR ME, HOW TO BE ALWAYS PREPARED?