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Prepare your power generator and home for winter holiday travel


When the winter holidays come we all rejoice. It is a perfect time to travel. The kids have the week off, the college students are back home for a while.
It’s a great opportunity to travel… but if we don’t prepare things well, the trip can turn into a nightmare.

Next, we try to guide you on what details related to your home and your power generator(s) (the RV’s portable and/or the one you leave at home), you should keep in mind and prepare to spend a wonderful vacation without setbacks.

Planning ahead can make the difference between a relaxing and enjoyable trip, or one filled with stress when it comes to all the makeshift or last minute fixes that can potentially cause serious damage to your home.



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How to leave your home prepared and protected.

Before leaving, have your backup generator checked and have its preventive maintenance up to date based on the recommendations indicated by the manufacturer, which are usually found in the user manual.

When you’re on vacation, the last worry you expect is worrying about your pipes freezing, or your basement flooding from an ice storm that has downed power lines and knocked out power for days.

Before your trip, take the precaution of setting up remote access to your generator from your phone, and learn how to use the app in a detailed and safe way. With remote access available on most standby generators today, you can monitor the generator from anywhere and know your home is safe and secure, even if you’re enjoying a warm ocean beach, or cruising across a giant field, or enjoying on the ski slopes.

Anytime you’re away from home for an extended period of time, take steps to prevent disasters that can strike at any time, and could be much worse if you’re not home.

Close the faucets connected to your washing machine. A broken hose could flood your home in no time. Set the hot water heater to vacation mode, at the same time you turn the thermostat down. Discontinue the mail service or other newspaper you receive regularly.

Let a neighbor or someone you trust and who lives near you, know that you are going on vacation, and let them stop by your home regularly. If they observe any suspicious activity, ask them to notify the police as quickly as possible.

Security cameras and alarms, fire prevention systems and modern home automation systems are very useful for remote monitoring of the home, and generate patterns of indoor activity that serve as a deterrent against thieves and other potential contingencies. But the most important thing is to guarantee the power supply, so all these prior measures involve having a backup power generator for your home.

If you need advice regarding which generator to purchase to guarantee the power supply to your home during your vacation, at Brags & Hayes we are at your entire disposal.

Tips for those who travel.

Winter travel in the northern part of the country can be dangerous, and despite great advances in forecasts, winter weather can hit any part of the country when we least expect it. Pay attention to weather reports and remember that finding a motel or hotel to escape a winter storm can be tricky during the Christmas holidays.

If you travel by motorhome and do not usually use it in winter, remember that low temperatures can freeze the pipes. Fill up your propane tanks and perform any required maintenance on your RV generator before you leave to make sure the gas and electric heaters keep working.

Additionally, if your motorhome has a power generator, have preventive maintenance up to date since you will not like it to fail at the least appropriate moment. If you want advice for the purchase of a power generator for your RV, at Brags & Hayes we are at your service.

Keep warm blankets, extra hats, and gloves in your vehicle.

A three-wick candle can provide a surprising amount of heat and raise the car’s temperature in an emergency.

If you are stranded, save fuel by running the car only long enough to warm up. While the engine is running, keep two windows open about an inch apart.

Pack a kit that includes your candles, matches, a lighter, and candy bars ahead of time, and keep it easily accessible.

Airports are frequented places for any holiday, and Christmas is a reason for them to be the busiest. Check flight information and itineraries, and plan extra time at busy airports. If you have to travel with a lot of luggage or packages, consider shipping early. You can save money and time, avoiding the hassle of checking and retrieving luggage, not to mention the worries of losing your luggage.

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At Brags & Hayes we are here to advise you on everything related to backup power generation, what equipment to buy, how to maintain it preventively and how to use it correctly.

If you have any questions, you can contact the phone number +1.954.657.7777, by Whatsapp (in the green icon on the right) or by email at, and we will gladly be at your service.

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