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Standby generators at home… A wise decision.

Standby generators

At home, we have our dearest items that we use and enjoy every day, and they give us the quality of life we want.

When we make the decision to acquire them, we know that we are going to invest a large part of our capital and we hope that they will be kept long, particularly when these items are electronic, electrical, and represent a significant cost to us.

We expect a constant and stable power supply.

power out

All this will be subject of a perfect installation, and a continuous and stable power supply.

The area and climatic conditions in which we choose to do our house are not always what we expect, because they can probably provide us with unstable or inadequate electrical connectivity, and in the worst case… nothing, or with long or unpredictable interruptions…

Many of us do not take the necessary measures to prevent these situations, because it is natural to think that they will not happen.

Challenges that are presented to us at home.

However, when weather conditions change, or the electrical power supply in our area begins to show failures and anomalies, the devices and equipment we have at home are at serious risk of damage or loss.

Are our guests and neighbors at risk from power failure?

Let us also consider that we eventually or permanently host a member of our family at home, or receive guests, or have a neighbor who could present an inconvenience, for which they require an oxygen supply, or equipment on which they depend daily to stay in stable state of health, or medications that must be kept in refrigerators or freezers.

If our electrical power supply is insufficient, inconsistent, or susceptible to prolonged outages, we would be in serious trouble.

Climatic and unpredictable surprises in our area… What do we do?

Besides, when the local news announces hurricanes, sudden frosts, unusual heat waves, the most common is that the usual supply that we receive at home begins to fail or is simply suspended until further notice, and we already know what happens in the short term: we lose our food, medicines that may be essential for those difficult moments.

Let us consider the cost that it represents for us, to replace these losses.

All these events make us think that we may need a backup generator.

We need a Home standby generator.

Cummins RS20AC home standby generator

They are installed outside our house and operate with a fuel source like liquid propane or natural gas.

What is the capability of backup generators?

They have the capacity to generate enough power to restore electrical power once it has been interrupted, automatically taking over as it works simultaneously with a transfer switch that monitors the voltage we receive on behalf of public services.

When the power is off, the transfer switch disconnects the service line and links a new line to the generator, so that you can restore power in a few seconds.

Power (watts) is the power supply that is assigned to a generator, and between 13kw and 150kw (depending on the size of your home) are needed to power an average home, for which it is advisable to purchase a device with this power, as it will be able to counteract fluctuations or absence of electrical energy and therefore will protect our sensitive equipment and devices.

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Why a standby generator?

These devices will keep the energy in our homes working, as well as the security system that we have installed, in addition to stabilizing the temperature of the climate where we live.

If we have home medical equipment or other specific instruments for first aid that require refrigeration or storage in dry spaces, a standby generator in our homes would fulfill the function of preserving them in perfect condition, and thus we will avoid damage that can become greater.

We can also install them in companies and industries, in traffic regulation controls, in medical care units, with which we will avoid losses that may become irreparable.

This information brings us closer to the world of generators and how they work, and allows us to make the right decision when purchasing our backup system.

At Brags & Hayes we offer you all the necessary support to advise you on the purchase of this wonderful and necessary source of alternative energy, to equip your home, business or factory.

Contact us at the phone number +1.954.657.7777, or write to us at, and we will gladly help you.

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