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Buy your power generator now and pay for it later

In order to expand the payment options available by Brags & Hayes, we have partnered with Taycor Financial.

In this new collaboration, Brags & Hayes and Taycor have partnered to offer you the best express online credit on the market for your shopping experience in our web store.

At Brags & Hayes we have considered this partnership due to the top-notch service that Taycor offers. In addition to its innovative financial products designed for full satisfaction of our customers.

Taycor Financial has been a partner for the small and medium-sized business community for nearly three decades. They understand that your business is you. Taycor helps you gain access to the Brags & Hayes power generating products to facilitate the growth of your business. Taycor has a tailored program to fit your needs.

Kohler parts for generators

Black Friday came with an excellent discount on GENERATORS spare parts. 23% OFF!

Last two days… until December 8!

Black Friday 2022 came full steam ahead with a 23% limited time discount on all of our 52,000 generator parts. From November 18 to December 8.

This discount includes not only spare parts, but also maintenance kits and even complete Kohler engines.

This is the opportunity to acquire the maintenance kit for your generator or to equip your inventory with the most consumed spare parts in case you are a Brags & Hayes DNA.

All products offered are genuine Kohler parts.


The Meaning of “Incoterms” and why we put it on our estimates and invoices.

When you receive a quote or a purchase invoice from Brags & Hayes Generators you will see the term INCOTERMS mentioned, as relevant information along with other acronyms that may cause confusion when interpreting them. If you are buying merchandise internationally, it is essential to understand what “Incoterms” means and who is responsible for what in your supply chain.

As power generators are merchandise that have a significant size and cost, it is important that you understand the meaning of Incoterms in detail to gain clarity on the terms of delivery of the merchandise that you are buying at Brags & Hayes Generators, which will be delivered to you.

Read on to learn all about “Incoterms”.

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The power of Brags & Hayes DNAs

We have always insisted and recommended to our clients that the focus is not to buy a generator, the important thing is to buy the power generator you need, install it correctly, give it the necessary preventive and corrective maintenance over time and with the original spare parts. And this is called pre-sale and after-sale service. And yes!… it must be dispensed with quality so that you always have a reliable alternative energy source.

With more than four decades of successful business in the power generation field, in Brags & Hayes have realized how important it is for our clients to have reliable quality support and continuous availability, that is why we have developed the worldwide network of DNAs – (Distribution Network Allies).