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Exploring the Power Giants: Brags & Hayes Unique Portfolio of Generator Brands


At Brags & Hayes Generators, we pride ourselves on our comprehensive range of high-quality generators, catering to various industries and applications. As an authorized distributor for some of the most reputable names in the power generation industry, including Kohler, Cummins, Leroy Somer, Blue Star Power Systems, MTS Power Products, Lister Petter, and Gillette Generators, we aim to deliver unparalleled reliability and efficiency. This article delves into the technical strengths and key product offerings of each brand, providing electrical engineers with an in-depth understanding of our robust portfolio.

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Kohler: A Powerhouse in the Generator Industry

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Technical Prowess and Key Products

Kohler is one of the most iconic and respected brands in the power generation industry, renowned for their innovative engineering, reliable performance, and broad product range. Kohler generators not only meet NFPA 110 requirements but also set the bar for engineering excellence, ensuring quick power supply restoration within 10 seconds of an outage, vital for continuous operation facilities.

KOHLER KD Series: Advanced Diesel Generators

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The KOHLER KD Series is a flagship line that includes diesel generators ranging from 800 kW to 4000 kW. These generators are designed to offer optimal power density and superior fuel efficiency, making them ideal for both primary and standby power applications.


Power Output: 800 kW standby power.
Engine: Features the KOHLER KD Series engine, specifically engineered for generator applications.
Fuel Efficiency: Designed for the highest power density and the lowest fuel consumption among competitors in the same range.
Control Systems: Equipped with the APM802 controller, providing real-time diagnostics and intuitive maintenance features. This controller allows for seamless operation and reduced downtime.
Noise Reduction: Housed in an aluminum, sound level 1 enclosure with an internal critical silencer, ensuring minimal operational noise and vibration.
Operational Benefits: Smooth operation even under extreme conditions, enhanced performance at reduced operating costs, and advanced diagnostics for operator insight and easier maintenance.


Power Output: 3500 kW prime power.
Engine: Incorporates a high-horsepower engine with advanced turbocharging and aftercooling for maximum performance.
Fuel Efficiency: Exceptionally low fuel consumption compared to other generators in its class.
Control Systems: Utilizes the APM3030 controller for advanced load management and voltage regulation.
KOHLER K-Series: Versatile and Reliable
The KOHLER K-Series includes a wide range of generator sets suitable for various applications, combining reliability with robust performance.


Power Output: 100 kW standby power.
Engine: Compact, high-performance diesel engine.
Features: Excellent fuel efficiency, easy maintenance, low emissions, and advanced control systems.


Power Output: 1 MW standby power.
Engine: Highly durable diesel engine designed for continuous use.
Features: Exceptional load acceptance, compact footprint, low sound levels, and advanced digital control panels.

KOHLER Marine Generators: Engineered for Marine Environments

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Kohler’s Marine Generators are crafted to perform in the challenging marine environment, ensuring reliable power supply for sea vessels.

5ECD Low-CO Marine Generator:

Power Output: 5 kW.
Features: Compact and lightweight, corrosion-resistant casings, high-output alternators, and low carbon monoxide emissions.
Control Systems: Embedded with advanced digital controls for easy start-up and monitoring.

Power Output: 40 kW.
Features: Equipped with sound shields, robust alternators, and specially designed casings to withstand harsh marine conditions.
Operational Benefits: Highly reliable with low vibration, minimal maintenance, and seamless integration into the vessel’s power system.

KOHLER Gas Generators: Efficient and Eco-Friendly

Kohler also offers a range of Gas Generators suited for applications where reduced emissions and high efficiency are priorities.


Power Output: 60 kW.
Fuel Type: Uses natural gas or liquid propane.
Features: Low operating costs, quiet operation, and reduced emissions, making it ideal for hospitals, data centers, and commercial buildings.
Control Systems: Equipped with the DEC550 digital controller for complete system monitoring and control.


Power Output: 800 kW.
Fuel Type: Primarily natural gas with the option of bi-fuel capabilities.
Features: High-efficiency engine, low emissions, robust construction, and integrated control systems for streamlined operation and maintenance.
Operational Benefits: Advanced diagnostics, remote monitoring capabilities, and seamless power transitions.

KOHLER Portable Generators: Compact and Reliable Power

portable Kohler

Kohler’s Portable Generators are designed for versatility and reliability, providing power in mobile and temporary setups.


Power Output: 6.4 kW.
Features: Easy-to-transport frame, robust engine, large fuel tank for extended run times, and user-friendly control panel.
Applications: Ideal for construction sites, outdoor events, and emergency backup.


Power Output: Varies from 4 kW to 12.3 kW.
Features: Electronic fuel injection for improved fuel efficiency, automatic voltage regulation, easy start system, and durable construction.
Operational Benefits: Lower fuel consumption, reduced emissions, and consistent performance.

KOHLER Automatic Transfer Switches: Power Continuity Solutions

Kohler also excels in providing Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS), essential for uninterrupted power supply during outages.


Features: Service entrance rated, MPAC 1500 control, fast automatic transitions, and built-in diagnostics.
Applications: Ideal for commercial and industrial setups, ensuring a seamless transition from grid to generator power.

KOHLER RXT 200 Amp Smart Transfer Switch:

Features: Advanced load management, user-friendly interface, and robust construction.
Applications: Suited for residential and light commercial applications, providing reliable power continuity.

KOHLER Controllers: Smarter Power Management

The intelligence of Kohler generators is significantly enhanced by their advanced Controller Systems, designed for ease of use and optimal performance.

APM802 Controller:

Features: Real-time diagnostics, intuitive interface, remote monitoring capabilities, and advanced load management.
Benefits: Simplifies maintenance, optimizes generator performance, and reduces operational costs.

DEC550 Digital Controller:

Features: Integrated control of multiple units, comprehensive system alarming, expansive data logging capabilities, and remote communication interfaces.
Applications: Ideal for complex power setups requiring detailed monitoring and control.
Quality and Reliability
Kohler’s dedication to quality is exemplified in their rigorous testing protocols and adherence to international standards. Every generator, whether for commercial, industrial, marine, or residential use, undergoes extensive testing to ensure it can perform under extreme conditions. Kohler’s commitment to reliability is underpinned by:

Extensive R&D: Continuous investment in research and development ensures that Kohler products remain at the cutting edge of power generation technology.
Stringent Quality Control: Kohler’s manufacturing processes are highly standardized, ensuring that every product meets stringent quality criteria.
Global Support Network: Kohler’s extensive service network ensures timely maintenance and support, enhancing the lifecycle and reliability of their generators.
Comprehensive Warranties: Kohler offers substantial warranties on their products, reflecting their confidence in their generators’ long-term performance.

Kohler’s robust portfolio, advanced engineering capabilities, and commitment to quality make it a trusted leader in the power generation industry. Their versatile and reliable generators cover an expansive range of applications, ensuring uninterrupted power supply with optimal efficiency and minimal environmental impact. Whether for industrial use, critical facilities, marine environments, or mobile applications, Kohler generators provide the reliability and performance that electrical engineers demand. At Brags & Hayes, we are proud to offer Kohler’s exceptional products, providing our clients with power solutions that deliver unmatched quality and dependability.


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Cummins: Unmatched Performance and Reliability in Power Solutions

Technical Prowess and Key Products

Cummins is a global leader in power solutions, renowned for its robust and reliable generators that cater to a wide range of sectors, including commercial, industrial, and residential applications. Cummins’ commitment to innovation, efficiency, and durability has made it a trusted name in power generation.

Cummins QSK Series: Heavy-Duty Diesel Generators

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The Cummins QSK Series is designed for demanding heavy-duty applications, offering substantial power outputs ranging from 700 kW to 3750 kW. These generators are powered by high-performance engines known for their exceptional fuel efficiency and low emissions.


Power Output: 2000 kW prime power.
Engine: Features a high-horsepower 60-liter engine with quad turbocharging and aftercooling enhancements.
Fuel Efficiency: Utilizes advanced fuel systems to optimize fuel consumption, providing
cost-effective operation.
Control Systems: Equipped with the PowerCommand® controller, which offers real-time monitoring and integrated diagnostics for enhanced performance and reliability.
Operational Benefits: Ideal for large-scale industrial applications, offering reliable performance under the most demanding conditions with minimal maintenance requirements.


Power Output: 3000 kW.
Engine: The 78-liter engine is known for its robust performance and high-efficiency combustion.
Fuel Efficiency: Features a high-pressure fuel injection system that ensures optimal fuel use.
Control Systems: Includes advanced electronic control systems that provide comprehensive engine management and diagnostic capabilities.
Operational Benefits: Suited for data centers, large industrial plants, and mission-critical applications requiring uninterrupted power supply.

Cummins Onan Series: Compact and Dependable Solutions

The Cummins Onan Series is tailored for smaller commercial, residential, and recreational applications. These generators are compact, dependable, and equipped with advanced features for ease of use and maintenance.

Onan P4500i:

Power Output: 4.5 kW.
Engine: Features an inverter-based design allowing for quiet, fuel-efficient operation.
Control Systems: Incorporates electric start and comprehensive diagnostics to facilitate easy maintenance.
Operational Benefits: Ideal for RVs, residential backup power, and small commercial applications.

Onan QD3200:

Power Output: 3.2 kW.
Engine: Diesel-powered with a compact design for reliability.
Features: Noise control technology, efficient fuel consumption, and durability.
Operational Benefits: Perfect for smaller applications where space and quiet operation are crucial, such as food trucks, mobile command units, and smaller commercial buildings.

Cummins C Series: Versatile Diesel Generators

The Cummins C Series offers versatile power solutions designed to provide reliable backup power in commercial and industrial settings.


Power Output: 550 kVA standby power.
Engine: Utilizes a high-performance Cummins diesel engine with advanced cooling and fuel systems.
Control Systems: Features the PowerCommand® 3.3 controller for seamless operation and remote monitoring capabilities.
Operational Benefits: Ensures swift response during power outages, with a robust design suitable for critical infrastructures such as hospitals, data centers, and industrial facilities.


Power Output: 900 kVA.
Engine: Incorporates a high-capacity diesel engine designed for durability and extended service intervals.
Control Systems: Advanced electronic controls and integrated automatic transfer switch options.
Operational Benefits: Provides reliable power with minimal maintenance, ideal for larger commercial and industrial setups.

Cummins Natural Gas Generators: Efficient and Eco-Friendly Solutions

Cummins also excels in providing Natural Gas Generators, designed to offer clean and efficient power solutions.

G3500 N6:

Power Output: 500 kW.
Fuel Type: Natural gas.
Features: High thermal efficiency, low emissions, and robust construction.
Control Systems: Features the Cummins PowerCommand® control system for optimal performance and reliability.
Operational Benefits: Ideal for urban environments and applications where eco-friendly power solutions are preferred, such as commercial buildings, educational institutions, and green projects.

G800 N6:

Power Output: 800 kW.
Fuel Type: Natural gas.
Features: Efficient fuel usage, reduced emissions, and a robust design.
Control Systems: Equipped with state-of-the-art controls for efficient operation and easy integration with existing infrastructure.
Operational Benefits: Provides a reliable and environmentally friendly power source for large facilities and critical operations.

Cummins Automatic Transfer Switches: Ensuring Power Continuity

Cummins’ Automatic Transfer Switches (ATS) are crucial for uninterrupted power supply during outages, ensuring seamless transitions between power sources.

OTEC Series:

Features: Standardized designs with modular components, providing easy installation and flexibility.
Control Systems: Integrated with Cummins’ advanced control technology for automatic switching and monitoring.
Applications: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from residential to complex industrial systems.

PowerCommand® Transfer Switches:

Features: Intelligent load management, customizable options, and robust construction.
Control Systems: Advanced microprocessor control, offering real-time data and diagnostics.
Operational Benefits: Maximizes power reliability and efficiency, ensuring continuous operation during power interruptions.

Cummins Controllers: Advanced Power Management

The intelligence and efficiency of Cummins generators are significantly enhanced by their advanced Controller Systems, providing comprehensive power management solutions.

PowerCommand® 3.3 Controller:

Features: Offers real-time monitoring, integrated load management, and comprehensive diagnostic capabilities.
Benefits: Simplifies operation, optimizes performance, and enhances reliability.
Applications: Suitable for complex power setups needing detailed monitoring and control.

InPower™ Software:

Features: PC-based service tool enabling configuration, diagnosis, and monitoring of Cummins Power Generation systems.
Operational Benefits: Provides users with the tools necessary for efficient maintenance and system optimization, reducing operational costs and downtime.

Quality and Reliability

Cummins’ dedication to quality is reflected in their robust testing protocols and adherence to international standards. Their generators are designed to withstand the toughest conditions and deliver reliable performance over extended periods.

Extensive Quality Control: Cummins implements rigorous quality control measures throughout the manufacturing process, ensuring each product meets the highest standards.
Global Support Network: Cummins’ widespread service network ensures timely maintenance and support, enhancing the longevity and reliability of their generators.
Advanced R&D: Continuous investment in research and development ensures that Cummins products remain at the forefront of power generation technology.
Comprehensive Warranties: Cummins offers extensive warranties, reflecting their confidence in the long-term performance and reliability of their generators.

Cummins’ extensive range of power solutions, advanced engineering capabilities, and commitment to quality make it a premier choice in the power generation industry. Their diverse product lines, from heavy-duty diesel generators to efficient natural gas solutions and versatile portable units, cater to a wide array of applications, ensuring reliable power supply with optimal efficiency.

At Brags & Hayes, we are proud to provide Cummins products, offering our clients power solutions characterized by unparalleled durability, efficiency, and dependability.

Leroy Somer

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Technical Prowess and Key Products

Leroy Somer specializes in manufacturing alternators and drive systems, providing reliable and efficient power solutions for various industries.

Leroy Somer LSA Series: These alternators are known for their high efficiency, robustness, and ability to operate in harsh environments. The LSA46.2 model, for example, offers a wide range of power outputs, ideal for both prime and standby applications.

Leroy Somer TAL Series: Designed for auxiliary power generation, the TAL series alternators provide efficient power conversion, suitable for marine, telecom, and industrial applications. The TAL 047 model is particularly noted for its compact design and high performance.

Quality and Reliability

Leroy Somer’s products are built with precision engineering, ensuring they meet international standards and customer requirements. Their alternators are known for longevity and consistent performance, essential for critical applications.

Blue Star Power Systems


Technical Prowess and Key Products

Blue Star Power Systems is renowned for designing and manufacturing custom power generation systems, offering tailored solutions for unique applications.

Blue Star Gaseous Generators: These generators use natural gas or propane, providing a reliable and efficient power source with reduced emissions. The G7500 model offers a power output of 750 kW, equipped with advanced controls for optimal performance.

Blue Star Diesel Generators: Designed for heavy-duty applications, the D2000 series offers power outputs up to 2000 kW, with robust engines and efficient fuel management systems.

Quality and Reliability

Blue Star’s commitment to quality ensures all their products undergo rigorous testing. Their custom solutions provide clients with reliable and optimized power systems tailored to specific needs.

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MTS Power Products

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Technical Prowess and Key Products

MTS Power Products offers a broad range of power solutions including generators, automatic transfer switches, and custom power systems.

MTS Diesel Generators: Known for durability and performance, the MTSD200 model provides 200 kW of standby power, with advanced microprocessor-based controls ensuring reliable operation in critical applications.

MTS Automatic Transfer Switches: These switches ensure uninterrupted power by seamlessly transitioning between power sources. The ATS3000 model, for example, offers fast and reliable switching, essential for maintaining power continuity.

Lister Petter

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Technical Prowess and Key Products

Lister Petter has a rich history of producing reliable diesel engines and generators, known for their durability and performance in challenging environments.

Lister Petter TR Series: These air-cooled engines are renowned for their robust design and fuel efficiency. The TR3 model offers 30 kVA of power, suitable for remote and off-grid applications.

Lister Petter Alpha Series: The Alpha series engines, like the ALPHA LPW4, deliver reliable power with low emissions, ideal for industrial and agricultural applications.

Quality and Reliability

Lister Petter engines are built to withstand harsh conditions, providing reliable power where it’s most needed. Their reputation for durability and long service life makes them a trusted name in power generation.

Gillette Generators


Technical Prowess and Key Products

Gillette Generators focuses on producing high-quality, dependable generators for various applications, from residential to industrial.

Gillette SP Series: The SP range offers standby power solutions, with models like the SPJD300 delivering 300 kW of power. These generators feature heavy-duty engines and advanced alternators, ensuring reliable performance.

Gillette Gaseous Generators: These generators use natural gas or propane, providing an eco-friendly power solution. The GNG-150 model offers up to 150 kW of power, designed for residential or light commercial use.

Quality and Reliability

Gillette’s commitment to quality is evident in their rigorous testing and use of top-tier components. Their focus on reliability and customer satisfaction ensures their generators are a trusted choice for critical power needs.

Brags & Hayes Generators proudly represents a diverse lineup of industry-leading brands, each offering unique strengths and specialized products. Whether you need robust diesel generators for heavy-duty applications, efficient gaseous generators for reduced emissions, or custom power systems tailored to specific requirements, our portfolio provides reliable solutions to meet your needs. By partnering with such esteemed brands, we ensure our customers receive top-quality, dependable power generation solutions.

By understanding the technical prowess and reliability of each brand we represent, electrical engineers can make informed decisions when selecting power generation equipment, ensuring uninterrupted and efficient operations in any application. At Brags & Hayes Generators, we continue to uphold our commitment to quality, service, and customer satisfaction, delivering the best in power generation solutions.

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