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oil for power generator

What is the best oil for my power generator?

As you can read in your generator manual, you should perform regular maintenance checks to ensure that your backup power source is always reliably available.
One of the most important aspects of regular generator maintenance is inspecting the oil.

It often happens, as with any engine, that after a period of use, the generator oil can become dirty, muddy and lose its properties, which can prevent your generator from operating in optimal conditions and even cause long-term damage.

Using the wrong oil can be very harmful, not only to your generator, but also to those operating around the machine.

marine generators

Are marine generators different from other power generators?

Are marine generators different from the generators used for industrial purposes, commerce or for home? What makes them different? Why are they in fact different? These are all common questions that we receive from our customers, especially new boat owners, who just bought a boat and want to equip it with a power generator to increases their comfort and their autonomy at sea.

In this article we will delve into this topic by analyzing why a marine generator is a unique piece of engineering that is different from its terrestrial counterparts.

generator preventive maintenance

The importance of a generator preventive maintenance

A power generator is the backbone of your industrial facility, business, or home in the event of a power outage. It’s important to make sure your facility has proper preventative maintenance to avoid the occurrence of potential failures at the time of greatest need.

In this article we will explain the importance of a generator preventive maintenance, how to do correct preventive maintenance on your generator and what to do if your generator fails in a time of need.


What are the Differences between prime power source and standby power source?

If you’ve been looking for a generator for your home, factory or business you’ve surely come across the following terms: “main generator”, “whole house generator” (for home power) and “standby generator”. But what exactly do these terms mean and what implications do they have?

solar power generator

The Efficiency of solar powered generator systems Vs fuel power generator systems

Brags & Hayes Generator is a company focused on energy production that has been studying the advances in solar powered generator technology in recent years. For this reason we have progressively incorporated new novel products into our solar powered generator technology offerings. However, the big question that is very frequently asked by our clients these days is: Are solar powered generator technologies as efficient as fossil fuel power generation systems?

Generator Failure

11 Common Causes for Generator Failure

In this article we are going to review the 11 most common causes of generator failure and what to do to solve them.

We will look into the procedures for the review and the analysis of typical failures of an industrial-type electric generator, although they can be perfectly applied to smaller generators, since the operating principles of a generator are the same for all sizes.

Since a repair of a generator set (for example of 500 KW) can be costly, it pays off to have all the knowledge and skills necessary to deal with a failure and recognize, which generator failure symptoms require us to hire specialized support, and which can be resolved by internal personnel available in your company.