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A generator for each requirement… Industrial Generators

industrial generators

When does an industrial generator become necessary?

We can all get a great opportunity to buy an establishment, a business, a space that we can reform and transform into the industry we dream about.

But it may happen that this space is located in an area where, for example, the feeding conditions are not constant, either they lack up-to-date and stable infrastructure, or they need a better supply of energy based on regional needs and climate variations.

We are also affected when we have already activated and consolidated our industries, and we run the risk of seeing our production and profitability affected by interruptions in the electricity supply.

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Why buy an industrial generator?

industrial generators

This is where an industrial generator becomes a real need, and even if it is true that for the most part it does not differ form those for which we are destined for domestic use, they certainly have the particularity of being more robust and are therefore capable of providing much bigger and more demanding spaces, such as refrigeration and food storage facilities or products that may deteriorate because they are not stored in appropriate storage locations, as well as in those cases in which our infrastructure requires motors that consume a large amount of current, and this is where these industrial devices connected to an ATS (automatic transfer switch) become essential because they have the quality of being activated automatically, counteracting any eventual electrical damage.

Common concerns... How to avoid damage caused by insufficient electrical supply?

One of our most frequent concerns is how to avoid damage that could be irreversible in the event of a power failure, or due to a precarious and unstable supply.

We cannot risk losing all that we have invested in the dream of acquiring a space of some magnitude, and successfully started our projects, due to insufficient or insufficient electricity supply.

Installing an industrial generator provides us with total safety, it strengthens and serves as a secure platform for us to develop and stabilize the path we have mapped out for our businesses.

What advantages do we get from these industrial generators?

industrial generators

Since everything related to industry is dependent on electricity, and knowing that an optimal and constant supply of energy will always be unpredictable, we need to ensure that we have a good system in place that ensures efficient and ongoing supply and proper regulation.

That is why industrial electrical generators are designed to perfectly resolve electrical breakdowns, so that the large spaces that need them can operate comfortably, with a steady and continuous supply, and ensure a high margin of safety.

What is the difference between a home generator and an industry generator?

Virtually none, because both produce electric energy from a mechanical action with a fuel source like gasoline, diesel and natural gas or LP (liquefied petroleum).

However, industrial devices perfectly distribute the power required to cover large areas, where stable manufacturing and production are essential, so that they provide “continuous” operational security in spite of one or more intermittent power outages.

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Benefits provided by an industrial generator.

They operate on an ongoing basis, and that quality is critical in the event of an emergency.

They preserve the stable operation of electrical devices in wide spaces, in highly sensitive sectors such as medical care centers, hospital units, logistics centers, hotels, over long distances, in large construction sites.

Industrial generators have high capacity to serve as a continuous source of primary energy in all facilities and spaces where there is no alternative source of energy, or is deficient or erratic, automatically activating and compensating for potential electrical damage in these areas.

This information brings us closer to the world of generators and how they work, and enables us to make the right decision when buying our industrial appliance.

At Brags & Hayes we offer you all the necessary support to advise you on the purchase of this wonderful and necessary source of alternative energy, to equip your home, business or factory.

Contact us at the phone number +1.954.657.7777, or write to us at, and we will gladly help you.

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