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The cummins rs20ac, a Powerful Performance home standby generator

Cummins RS20AC home standby generator

So how does it actually work? In the following lines we invite you to a more detailed functional analysis of the Cummins RS20AC home standby generator. The focus on the characteristics and particular applications of this product will give you a better understanding of what to expect from it. Further you will learn how its use can best serve you before you purchase.    

At Brags & Hayes we are proud distributors of world class brands that manufacture high-end products for power generation in the residential, marine, industrial, solar and mobile fields. Our priority is topnotch pre-sale and post-sale service. In addition we offer our customers a comprehensive online experience, with a full product catalogue, which includes products such as the Cummins home standby generator. Our prices are competitive, but most importantly we want to make sure that before you decide for your device of choice you have access to a complete analysis such as the one of home standby generator (CUMMINS RS20AC) that is analysed below.

With Cummins RS20AC a power loss no longer interrupts your life.

Cummins RS20AC home standby generator

Analyzing the specification sheet of the CUMMINS RS20AC home standby generator (please find bellow) two main features are quickly apparent. This residential generator has enough power to keep you cool on a hot day same as it can generate heat to keep you warm and comfortable in case of an unexpected winter blizzard. Power outage is no longer an issue with CUMMINS RS20AC. Its engineering is there to prevent troubles related to power outage so you can keep enjoying life when the world around you is on standstill.

The RS20AC home standby generator is permanently connected to your home with the use of an automatic transfer switch. The CUMMINS RS20AC operates on the existing supply of natural gas (at 18kW) or LP gas (at 20kW) from your home (it is important to take into account the difference in power depending on the fuel used). The CUMMINS RS20AC operates non-stop during a power failure. The RS20AC monitors the power company distribution lines and switches on automatically in the moment it detects outage. The generator then runs uninterrupted until the utility power is restored.  

The RS20AC is designed to handle cold climates with temperatures bellow 0°F (-18°C) and colder if need be. The generator can easily manage up to 4 loads simultaneously while it continuously monitors how much power is required independently for each load. The CUMMINS RS20AC has powerful engine starting ability and can easily kick off and run a 5-ton air conditioner while operating a full household load providing clean power to sensitive electronics all at the same time.

In order to maintain it in perfect working conditions this superb home standby generator has a ‘Crank only’ mode. The CUMMINS RS20AC has an exercise mode of operation, which can be set to the time, date and frequency that suits you best. ‘Crank only’ exercise mode reduces engine wear, fuel costs and further reduces the sound of an already quiet generator.

The RS20AC is conveniently remote controlled.

A home standby generator with compelling features

Cummins RS20AC home standby generator

The RS20AC and its outstanding features in connection with its affordable price make it a highly desirable product. Especially when considering the cost/performance ratio of this home standby generator.

  • Strong design: The RS20AC is designed for uninterrupted service with temperatures below 0°F (-18°C). Extreme cold weather ready models can operate bellow -40°F (-40°C) easily.
  • The CUMMINS RS20AC is tested and certified: adheres to the latest EPA, UL, and CSA standards. The generator meets NFPA 37 which allows it to be installed only 18 inches from your home.
  • Remote Monitoring: Using a computer, tablet, or smart phone, an operator can monitor, change exercise modes, and manually run the generator remotely.
  • Runs quietly: 65 dB(A) at 23 ft. (7 m) which is the quietest point at a normal load. Please be aware that the sound performance may be affected by installation. For this reason we recommend to hire a professional with proven experience for the installation.
  • A convenient package for the end user: the RS20AC is delivered fully configured with a package that includes the generator together with a 200 A service entrance with the Automatic Transfer Switch (ATS). All in one order ready to go.
  • Engine: Natural gas/propane, engine air cleaner, engine oil (Synthetic), oil drain extension tubeLow oil pressure shutdown.

  • Fuel System: Single fuel – natural gas or propane vapor, field selectable (Set to Natural gas from factory).

  • Alternator: 60 Hz, 1 phase, < 5% THD (full harmonic distortion), long life electrographic DC brushes, slip ring heater.

  • Control: Built in display. Language – English.

  • Electrical: Single 100A circuit breaker, UL certified (On all models), battery charging alternator, battery charger – 4 Amps.

  • Cooling: Single direct drive blower.

  • Design: Aluminum exterior, galvanized steel interior. Evaluated to withstand 180 mph wind loads in accordance with ASCE7-10.

  • Warranty: 5 years / 2000 hours.

The price of Cummins RS20AC

Cummins RS20AC is the most affordable option for a home standby generator that you will find on the market. With characteristics such as robust compatible automatic transfer switch, in proven quality, made by a manufacturing brand with a proven track record it your safest purchase choice. 

The Brags & Hayes philosophy is to offer its customers a high quality product for a price any household can afford. See the following links and choose a model of your choice to buy today:

Installing the Cummins RS20AC home standby generator

Below we share 4 videos that make up a complete installation tutorial for the Cummins RS20AC home standby generator produced by the manufacturer.

These tutorials provide detailed guidance on generator site selection and setup. They highlight the importance of the location for smooth operation and convenient use. These tutorials are recommended in addition to the product installation manual, which helps you with the proper selection of the genset mounting location.

The Cummins RS20AC being gas fueled generator set requires an adequate volume of fuel supply along with specific fuel supply components regulated by local codes. This tutorial also walks you through all things related to sizing of fuel lines and the fuel delivery components required for LP and natural gas.

When installing Cummins RS20AC set make sure to be connected to electricity. The box includes AC power cables and DC communication cables, together with an interfacing and the automatic transfer switch.

The control of the Cummins RS20AC can be configured to customer needs. The tutorial further reveals the product installation manual related to genset control setup, clock setup, exerciser setup, and standby setup.

At Brags & Hayes we hope that you find this article useful and that we have perhaps brought you a step closer to the solutions this product offers. We are always here, ready and available to answer your questions, concerns and doubts. We are prepared to advise you on technicalities so you purchase what you are truly looking for, at the best quality and the best market price. Buying the generator is the easy part. What matters most is you buy what you truly need and how you will be able to enjoy your investment long time into the future. 

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