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The power of Brags & Hayes DNAs

generator repairs near me

When problems arise with technical devices, the first we do is “find repair near me. When problems arise with a generator the questions is: “generator repairs near me?” or “technical service for my generator near me? or generator maintenance near me? Brags & Hayes Generators and its worldwide network of DNAs is prepared to help you find solutions and get your generator back into shape!

Investing in an alternative energy generating source today is comparable to having insurance. It allows you to access a reliable source of energy when you face a contingency of failure of the public electricity network. That’s why it’s vital to make sure your emergency power is there when you need it most.

We have always insisted and recommended to our clients that the focus should not be on the actual purchase of a generator. The key is to buy the power generator that fits your particular needs, install it correctly, give it the necessary preventive and corrective maintenance over time and with the original spare parts. This is what we refer to as the so-called pre-sale and after-sale service. And yes!… it must be delivered professionally and correctly so you can rest easy knowing that you always have a reliable alternative energy source.

With more than four decades of successful business in the power generation field, the importance of having reliable quality support and continuous availability of our staff for our clients is a top priority for Brags & Hayes. That is why we have developed the worldwide network of DNAs – (Distribution Network Allies). With this service network Brags & Hayes can says YES! to your questions regarding “generator repairs near me?“, “technical service for my generator near me? and “technical service for my generator near me?

A big problem...


generator repairs near me

The number of people who contact us every day at Brags & Hayes requesting reliable technical support for having problems with their generator can be alarming.

Problems of all sorts:

  • They lack a reliable technical service to perform the installation.
  • Problems caused by poor installations.
  • Problems due to not having received adequate preventive maintenance.
  • Poor warranty management.
  • Problems caused by the use of unsuitable spare parts and inappropriate use of generators due to lack of advice.

This results in potential malfunctioning of your device. And as you can imagine it all becomes apparent right when you need the alternative source of energy the most. Your generator is either damaged or working with problems.  

There is a solution to every problem... the Brags & Hayes global DNA network is the answer to your question: "generator repairs near me?"

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Make sure your emergency power is there when you need it. Brags & Hayes DNAs Network are your advanced generator servicing & maintenance team near you.

Brags and Hayes developed the DNA concept and program to provide you with a reliable support 24/7 so that your emergency power source is always operational for when you need it most.

Your business continuity is vital to you (and to us). That is who we are. A company you trust to repair and maintain your standby generator. With Brags & Hayes and our DNAs network you will have a proactive support team that’s advanced enough to fix anything that comes up.

With over 40 years of experience, you can trust us to read the signs, be proactive and make sure we fix any generator issues before it’s too late.

generator repairs near me

The international network of Brags & Hayes DNAs consists of three types:

  • DNAs that are partners of Brags & Hayes, sell Brags & Hayes products and provide service.
  • DNAs that sell Brags & Hayes products and provide service.
  • DNA that provide service only.

Our network of DNAs fully manages whole sales, import, inventory, installation, service, maintenance, technical support and access to Brags & Hayes and factory inventory.

The management of our network of DNAs is based on three pillars:


Generator support contracts and repairs


Generator modernisation upgrades

installations & REPLACE PROGRAM

New generators & commissioning

industrial generator
  • MAINTENANCE: You can count on our professional 24/7 technical support to keep your generator running flawlessly. You can do so contracting us on demand or through an access to our generator support and repair contract. Such contract will allow you to have regular access to our service team based on annual or monthly payments fully planned by you. The service team will carry out the suitable maintenance for your generator.
  • UPGRADE PROGRAM: We are a generator modernisation specialists. Upgrade your generator rather than paying for an expensive replacement.
  • INSTALLATIONS OR REPLACE PROGRAM: A fully engineered generator commissioning project package from the quotation to completion and handover.

The Brags & Hayes DNAs network is present in North America, Central America, Latin America, the Caribbean Islands, Europe, China and Australia.

generator repairs near me

State-of-the-art technology that connects our operations center in Miami-Florida (USA) with the network of DNAs in the world

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brangs and hayes2
brangs and hayes

The Brags & Hayes support center at our headquarters in Miami Florida is the heart of our network of DNAs in the world, with the use of the latest in augmented reality technology developed for technical support. The Brags & Hayes team provides remote help by teaming up with the DNAs that are are near you. This enhances the capacity and scope of the DNAs field staff to take over all the technical support from manufacturers, product technical manuals and spare parts. This collaboration increases the ability to diagnose and solve complex engineering problems more efficiently.

Augmented reality technology developed for remote technical support

How can I access the services of the Brags and Hayes DNAs network?

Call our customer service phone +1.954.657.7777

We are prepared to assist you and give you primary telephone attention to your requirement. If necessary we will pass your case to the DNA closest to your geographical area. We will send you a technician to attend to your issue and solve it in the shortest possible time.

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