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KOHLER generators for Home and Small Business, a robust house generator series


The ultimate motivation for anyone to buy a house generator for our homes is the need for a reliable and durable source of energy in the face severe storms or utility failure.

But how do we know which product offers the features and quality that we require?

Without a doubt the market is filled with quality solutions. Here at Brags & Hayes we are confident to say that in our offers we combine the highest quality devices with the best market prices. We pay special attention to the quality of pre- and post-sale support. If you want to see the complete list of generators for home, click here.

This article is dedicated to the Kohler RCL series of generators for home and small businesses.

A house generator with robust features.

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When we talk about popular brands, we can say that Kohler is the world leader in the production of electric generators for a wide variety of use. At Kohler they know what it takes to build a strong and durable generator. Kohler is a global enterprise developing power solutions for residential, commercial and industrial settings, including standby and emergency power, distributed power and rental units. That is the legacy of a brand that has eighty years of innovation and experience.

In relation to the objective of this article there is a series of generators that we will document below, such as the RCL series for home or light industry applications. We recommend these generators for their robust construction features and price. We believe Kohler is the right option for a reliable a house generator.

It is a series that operates for both purposes, as a house generator and as a generator for light industrial applications. This versatility says it all. An industrial use is considerably more demanding than home use. That is why Kohler generators have more robust manufacturing standards. The robust features become an advantage when selecting this option as a house generator. Especially when we are looking for a solid and durable product.

Several models with common characteristics

Standard features for all products in the series:

  • Automatic standby generator.
  • Aluminum Sound Shield.
  • Unit Mounted Radiator.
  • Standard Air Intake.
  • RDC2 Controller which includes a 2.5AMP Battery Charger.
  • Flexible Fuel Lines.
  • Coolant in generator, 45 C Cooling System.
  • Liquid cooled.
  • Natural gas.
  • In just 10 seconds, automatically restores power
  • Automotive-style cooling system that keeps the sound level down
  • Neighbourhood friendly, with weekly exercise (volume that’s similar to a regular conversation).
  • Include a three-fan.
  • 5-Year Basic Warranty.  2,000-hour protection.
  • OnCue Plus. 

Below is a list of all products of the series and the links to our web store for you to study in more detail:

Benefits of compatibility with the On-Cue Plus app

house generator

Any house generator of RCL product series is compatible with the Kohler-developed OnCue Plus app.

The app allows you to get real-time status updates from your house generator. In the event of a system failure, the OnCue Plus system also has the unique ability to instantly transmit status messages to you via SMS text message or email to any computer, PDA or mobile phone. This immediate communication helps ensure quick repair and uninterrupted performance may problems arise. The software and constant communication of the status of the generator can ensure that the generator starts and runs as planned during any power outage or natural disaster. The system not only sends alerts as needed, but also provides diagnostic information.

The KOHLER OnCue Plus app home generator management system is a great addition to the already robust functionality of the RCL generators series.

Additional Kohler generator OnCue Plus features:

  • Access the real-time power status and manage the entire system – generator, automatic transfer switch, optional Load Control Module (LCM) and optional Programmable Interface Module (PIM) – from an iPhone®, iPad®, available in the Apple AppstoreAndroid™ device on the Google Play Store, PC or Mac®.
  • With the PIM, automatically turn items such as appliances, outdoor lighting and storm shutters on and off from anywhere in the world with access to broadband internet service and/or cellular phone service.
  • Receive instant generator updates via text or email.
  • View, clear/reset and review time-stamped fault code history.
  • Contact Brags & Hayes technical services when your Kohler generator needs maintenance, service, or repair.

How to Choose the Right Kohler RCL Series Generator?

In the following table you can select the correct house generator according to the amount of load that corresponds to your situation according to your estimates:

house generator

Now take a look at a Kohler generator RCL Series.

In the following video produced by content generator Christopher Masto he shares his comments and first impressions after delivery of an RCL series generator:

At Brags & Hayes we have achieved our goal of giving you the best price on the market for various Kohler RCL product series, which you can see and buy at the following links depending on the model of your choice:

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