Cummins 20kW Home Standby Generator Quiet Connect™ RS20AC

Powerful Performance, Neighborhood Friendly, Compact Design, Eco-Friendly

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Cummins 20kW Home Standby Generator Quiet Connect™ RS20AC



The Cummins QuietConnect™ Series offers a wide range of powerful backup solutions for many sized homes, designed specifically for its quiet and powerful performance.  The compact design and sleek aesthetics allow the generator to blend in to any yard. The extreme weather models are designed to operate in cold weather with performance down to 0 °F (-18 °C) out of the box. Cummins home standby generators are backed by an industry leading warranty and 100 years of Cummins expertise powering lives from backing up hospitals and data centers to powering trucks, boats and RVs.  Cummins – powering your life.

Cummins Air Cooled 3600RPM Gas Generator Set Model A065D231 RS20AC Combo 120/240V: 20kW-NG/LPV-Aluminum Enclosure & RA212S3 200Amp SE-Transfer Switch (A045P697 NEMA3R Steel Enclosure).

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Cummins 20kW Home Standby Generator Quiet Connect™ RS20AC

Details and Specifications

Cummins Air Cooled 3600RPM Gas Generator Set Model A065D231 RS20AC Combo 120/240V: 20kW-NG/LPV-Aluminum Enclosure & RA212S3 200Amp SE-Transfer Switch (A045P697 NEMA3R Steel Enclosure)

Shipping Dimensions: 45x39x40 inch

Shipping Weight: 615 lbs


  • Designed to be extremely quiet and neighborhood friendly
  • Built in remote monitoring means you can control your generator from anywhere
  • Intelligent load management so you don’t have to make choices on which circuits you power
  • Flexible exercise mode to suit your preference and reduces unnecessary fuel consumption, emissions and noise
  • Compact and aesthetically pleasing design blends into your landscape
  • Can be installed as close as 18” from your home


  • Operates on natural gas or propane
  • Length 34.1 inches, width 36.0 inches, height 27.3 inches
  • Weight of generator is 479 pounds
  • Sound level is 65 dB(A) at 23 feet at normal load
  • 5 year limited warranty

Product Specifications:

Product Features


  • Natural gas/propane
  • Engine air cleaner
  • Engine oil (Synthetic)
  • Oil drain extension tube
  • Low oil pressure shutdown

Fuel System:

  • Single fuel – natural gas or propane vapor, field selectable (Set to Natural gas from factory)


  • 60 Hz, 1 phase, < 5% THD (total harmonic distortion)
  • Long life electrographic DC brushes
  • Slip ring heater


  • Display language – English
  • Under hood built in display


  • Single 100A circuit breaker, UL certified (On all models)
  • Battery charging alternator
  • Battery charger – 4 Amps


  • Single direct drive blower


  • Aluminum exterior, galvanized steel interior
  • Evaluated to withstand 180 mph wind loads in accordance with ASCE7-10

Code Compliance:

  • UL 2200
  • CSA 22.2 and B149.1
  • EPA emissions
  • NFPA 37 – 18 inches


Base: 5 years / 2000 hours

Extended warranties available

Generator Set performance

Voltage regulation, no load to full load: ±1.25%

Steady state voltage variation: ±1.25%

Frequency regulation: Isochronous

Motor starting kVA (30% voltage dip): 40 for RS20A/AC,

34 for RS17A, and 26 for RS13A

Steady state freq. variation: ±1.25% (±1.5% @ No load)

Operating temperature: 122 °F (50 °C) to -40 °F (-40 °C)

See Accessories section for details on kits

Engine Specifications

Model: QSJ999G

Design: Naturally aspirated, V twin air cooled

Bore: 3.54 in (89.9 mm)

Stroke: 3.09 in (78.5 mm)

Displacement: 60.96 inch3 (999 CC)

Cylinder block: Aluminum

Battery capacity: Group 51R, 450 CCA at ambient

temperature of 32 °F (0 °C)

Starting voltage: 12 Volt, negative ground

Oil Filter type: Spin-on

Rated speed: 3600 rpm

Fuel Supply Pressure

Minimum - in H2O (kPa):

NG - 3.5 (0.87) / LP - 6.0 (1.49)

Maximum - in H2O (kPa):

NG - 12.0 (3.0) / LP - 12.0 (3.0)

Typical Fuel Consumption:

RS20AC Fuel consumption – natural gas:

ft3 / hr.223268
m3 / hr.6.37.6
BTU / hr.212731255947
RS20AC Fuel consumption – LP vapor:
ft3 / hr.88112
m3 / hr.2.53.2
BTU / hr.209404265783
Sound: 65 dB(A) at 23 ft. (7 m) at normal load[*]
Rated amp[**] (NG / LPV): 75 / 83.3
[*] Quietest point at a normal load.
 Sound performance may be affected by installation.
[**] Derating guidelines: Maximum wattage or maximum current 
 are subject to and limited by such factors as fuel Btu content, 
 ambient temperature, altitude, engine power and condition, etc. 
 Full rated power available up to the following, 
 derate 3.5% for each increase of 300 m (1000 ft.) and 1% for each increase of 5.5 °C (10 °F) after that:
 RS20A & R20AC – at 15 °C (60 °F) and 0 m (0 ft.).

PRODUCT Related documents:

Installation Manual RS13A-RS17A-RS20A-RS20AC

Operator Manual RS13A-RS17A-RS20A-RS20AC

Outline Drawing RS13A-RS17A-RS20A-RS20AC

Spec Sheet RS13A, RS17A, RS20A, RS20AC

Wiring Diagram, Genset



Warranty Statement

Additional Info
Weight596 lbs
Dimensions34.1 × 36 × 27.3 in


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