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Case Study: Ensuring Continuous Power for Meunerie Saint-Hugues with Kohler Generators


At a Glance


Meunerie Saint-Hugues


Saint-Hugues, Québec


Provide emergency standby power for a continuous process operation to avoid unplanned outages that would otherwise affect livestock health.


(3) KOHLER® 500REOZJB, 347/600V, 60 Hz generators with onboard paralleling
KOHLER KCS-ANTA-3000S standard-transition transfer switch
KOHLER 24-hour subbase fuel tanks
KOHLER 500REOZJB weather-protective enclosures
APM603 controller

Primary Choice Factors:

Quick delivery, installation, and ability to meet space, cost, and redundancy needs


agriculture 4

Established in 2010, Meunerie Saint-Hugues is a family-operated poultry and swine feed processing plant located in Saint-Hugues, Québec, Canada. Annually converting 200,000 tons of grain into feed for ducks and pigs, the plant is the largest producer in the region. It operates continuously, ensuring fresh and high-quality feed is always available, crucial for maintaining the health and productivity of the livestock, particularly poultry, which are highly sensitive to environmental and nutritional changes. To support its rapid growth and 24/7 operation, Meunerie Saint-Hugues required a reliable emergency power solution to prevent unplanned outages that could jeopardize their operations and the health of the animals.


Faced with the need for a robust standby power solution, Meunerie Saint-Hugues evaluated options among top suppliers, prioritizing value without compromising on reliability. Additionally, the limited physical space and tight project timeline further complicated the selection process. The ideal site for the generator set was near a lower truck bay in a mechanical building, but accommodating a single 1500 kW unit would have demanded extensive and costly site modifications.


Customized KOHLER emergency standby solution. The proposal included three 500REOZJB diesel-powered generators, each rated for 500 kW standby power with onboard paralleling and integral subbase fuel tanks. This multi-generator setup not only addressed the space limitations but also provided sufficient power redundancy, ensuring continuous operation during maintenance or unforeseen outages.


Technical Specifications and Benefits:

KOHLER 500REOZJB Generators

500 kW Standby Rating: Each generator is equipped with a brushless, permanent-magnet alternator delivering superior short-circuit capability, ensuring stable performance even under high-demand conditions.

Onboard Paralleling: The APM603 controller enables the generators to work in tandem, efficiently sharing the load and enhancing reliability.

Compact Design: The smaller footprint of three 500 kW units, as opposed to a single 1500 kW generator, fits within the limited space without requiring extensive site modifications.

KOHLER 500REOZJB Weather-Protective Enclosures

CSA-Listed Weather Enclosure: Each generator is enclosed in a sound-attenuating, skintight enclosure with an automotive-grade finish, protecting against harsh weather conditions typical in Southern Quebec.

Environmental Resistance: The enclosures are coated with KOHLER Power Armor™ which is fade, scratch, and corrosion-resistant, featuring air inlet louvers to reduce moisture entry.

ULC-S601 Compliant

These tanks meet Canadian safety standards and are designed for quick installation.

Secondary Containment: An environmentally friendly secondary tank surrounds the primary tank, preventing spills and offering additional safety.

KOHLER KCS-ANTA-3000S Transfer Switch:

Fast, Automatic Transitions: This transfer switch ensures seamless switching between grid and standby power, minimizing downtime and maintaining continuous operation.



The integrated emergency standby power solution, starring three KOHLER 500REOZJB generators, was delivered, installed, and commissioned ahead of schedule, right before Christmas. The system has since performed impeccably, handling multiple power outages without any disruption to Meunerie Saint-Hugues’ operations. The reliability and efficiency of the Kohler generators have proven indispensable, reinforcing the feed plant’s commitment to uninterrupted production and the well-being of their livestock.

Customer Testimonial: “Reliability of the emergency generator can mean the difference between life and death of the animals. We take great pride in supplying reliable equipment and backing it up with 24/7 emergency service.”

Through this successful project, Meunerie Saint-Hugues has not only safeguarded its operations but also strengthened its position as a reliable supplier in the agricultural sector, all thanks to the dependable performance of KOHLER generators.

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