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Brags & Hayes Delivers Customized Generator Solution for 12|12 Aventura

12|12 Aventura

Rieber Developments, the developer of the 12|12 Aventura complex, has commissioned Brags & Hayes Generators to develop, manufacture, and install an emergency power generator for a modern complex that includes offices, commercial spaces, and a luxury senior residence.

The Brags & Hayes Generators team is very proud to have participated in this important, state-of-the-art architectural project in South Florida.

Next, we present the project’s case of study.

The 12|12 Aventura proyect

12|12 Aventura

The 12|12 Aventura project consists of 39 office condominiums ranging in size from 340 to 1,550 square feet. The building is four stories tall and features a rooftop garden oasis. The project also includes a 1212 Marketplace located on the ground level with 26,000 square feet of entertainment, restaurants, bars, cafes, Italian and international artisan food, cooking classes, and live music events. Additionally, the project features a luxury senior residence that takes senior living to the next level.

The architecture is by ARQUITECTONICA, interior design by IDA – INTERNATIONAL DESIGN & ASSOCIATES, and the collaboration of renowned STEVEN G. The International Luxury Senior Living will be operated by experienced Thrive Senior Living.

The case of study

12|12 Aventura

Brags & Hayes Generators, an international company based in South Florida, has demonstrated its +40 years of expertise in the field of power generation by providing a customized solution for the project 12|12 Aventura.

The 12|12 Aventura project required the generator to meet the client’s engineering specifications and requirements, including the NFPA 110 standard for emergency and standby power systems at its most stringent safety levels. Brags & Hayes Generators´s team technically evaluated several strategies and acquired custom designs from specialized suppliers to meet the specific requirements of the generator rooms. Custom elements include a hockey puck-type engine exhaust silencer, an independent fuel tank with stairs and walkways, and a remote fuel port and day tank. The end result was a generator that met the client’s requirements and provided a reliable and safe solution for the facility.


Comply with12|12 Aventura project engineering specifications and requirements, including the NFPA 110 Standard for Emergency and Standby Power Systems in its most demanding security levels necessary, in this case, for the offices, the marketplace and in special the Senior Living facilities.

12|12 Aventura

The challenge was to provide a high-quality generator that could be considered a reliable alternative energy source for the entire project. This was especially important given the delicate nature of handling the load for a project of this type, and particularly considering that there is a senior living section where the availability of reliable and continuous energy is vital.

The requirements of the 12|12 Aventura´s generator rooms demanded from Brags & Hayes the procurement of custom designs by specialized suppliers of the following elements: Hockey puck type engine exhaust silencer, secondary stand-alone fuel tank with stairs and catwalks, remote fuel port and day tank.
  • Blue Star Model MD1000-01, Rated Load (NFPA 110). UL 2200 Listed, EPA Tier 2. 
  • Engine Model: Mitsubishi S12H-Y2PTAW-1 1000kW Standby Power Rating at 1800 RPM, Governor – Electronic Isochronous.
  • Voltage: 480/277V 3 Phase 60 Hz 0.8 PF.
  • Gen Model: Stamford S6L1D-H 12 Lead Wired 480V 3 Phase High Wye 80°C Rise Over 40°C Ambient. 
  • Voltage Regulator: Stamford MX321 Automatic Voltage Regulator with PMG Excitation. 
  • Generator Space Heater: Generator Anti-Condensation Heater 225W 240VAC Wired to Terminal. 
  • Control Panel: Blue Star DCP7310 Microprocessor Based Gen-Set Controller. Standard Features: Low Oil Pressure, High Coolant Temp, Overspeed, Overcrank Shutdowns. 
  • Emergency Stop Pushbutton, Audible Alarm Buzzer with Silencing Switch.
  • Control Panel Options:Analog Meter Package: Ammeter, Voltmeter and Frequency Meter with Selector Switch.
  •   Low Water Level Sensor with Shutdown.
  • Remote Annunciator: Deep Sea DSE2548 (2x) Output Expansion Modules with Enclosure (Surface Mounted).
  • OPU (Open Power Unit – No Enclosure). Structural Steel Base with Mounting and Lifting Holes. Includes Pad Type Vibration Mounts to Isolate Unit from Mounting Surface.
  • Secondary Stand-alone Fuel Tank with stairs and catwalks.
  • Remote Fuel Port and Day Tank.

If you are part of a project of this magnitude and require a serious and experienced company in energy production management, do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to provide you with access to cutting-edge technology in energy production at the best market price.

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