KOHLER SDMO Diesel Generator 30KW with Soundproofed Enclosure | K30UM

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KOHLER SDMO Diesel Generator 30KW with Soundproofed Enclosure | K30UM


Optimized Sound Level, Compact Footprint – Big Performance, Reliable Power in Extreme Conditions. Designed for industrial users, they cover a wide field of applications.

General characteristics

This product is only for export outside USA
Engine brand                  KOHLER KDI
Engine type                     KDI2504TM-30
Performance class       G2
Frequency (Hz)              60 Hz
Standard Voltage (V) 240/120 single phase
Standard Control Panel APM303


Mechanical governor
Mechanically welded chassis with antivibration suspension
Highly durable QUALICOAT-certified epoxy paint, specially developed for KOHLER-SDMO
Main line circuit breaker
Radiator for core temperature of 48/50°C max with mechanical fan
Starting battery
12 V charge alternator and starter
Delivered with oil and coolant -30°C
Manual for use and installation

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Additional Info


Details and Specifications

Benefits & features 

KOHLER SDMO premium quality 

  • Design offices using the latest technical innovations 
  • Modern fully certified factories 
  • A cutting edge laboratory 
  • The generating set, its components and a wide range of options have been fully developed, prototype tested, factory built, and production tested 

KOHLER SDMO premium performances 

  • Optimized and certified sound levels 
  • Reliable power, even in extreme conditions 
  • Optimized fuel consumption 
  • Compact footprint 
  • Best quality of electricity, high starting and loading capacity, according to ISO8528-5 
  • Robust base frames and high-quality enclosures 
  • Protection of installations and people 
  • Approved in line with the most stringent standards 


  • Premium level engines, in-house or from strong partners 
  • High power density, small footprint 
  • Low temperature starting capability 
  • Long maintenance interval 


  • Provide industry leading motor starting capability 
  • Made in Europe 
  • Built with a class H insulation and IP23 


  • A compact and complete solution using a mechanically driven radiator fan 
  • Designed or optimized by KOHLER-SDMO 
  • High temperature and altitude product capacity available 

Base frame and enclosure 

  • High quality steel with enhanced corrosion resistance 
  • Highly durable QUALICOAT-certified epoxy paint 
  • Minimum 1000 hours of resistance to salt spray in accordance with ISO12944 
  • Ergonomic access to allow easy maintenance and connection of the generator  
  • Robust design optimized for transportation 

Product Specifications:

Generator modelK30UM
Standard Voltage240/120
Amps @ 240V125
Standby Power (ESP)30kW / 30KVA
Prime Power (PRP)27.3kW / 27.3KVA
Fuel Consumption 60 Hz Diesel at 75% Prime Power: Lph7.3
Tank capacity (L)100
Soundproofed Enclosure typeM137
Acoustic pressure level @7m in dB(A) 60Hz (100% PRP)68
Engine Specifications
Engine modelKDI2504TM-30
Displacement (L)2,48
Cyl. qty.4L
Alternator Specifications
Number of poles4
Number of bearingSingle Bearing
Indication of protectionIP23
Insulation classH
Number of wires12
AVR RegulationYes
Capacity for maintaining short circuit at 300% of rated current for 10 sYes


Reference Conditions: 25°C Air Inlet Temperature, 40°C Fuel Inlet Temperature, 100 kPa Barometric Pressure; 10.7 g/kg of dry air Humidity. Intake Restriction set to maximum allowable limit for clean filter; Exhaust Back pressure set to maximum allowable limit. Data was taken from a single engine test according to the test methods, fuel specification and reference conditions stated above and is subjected to instrumentation and engine-to-engine variability. Test conducted with alternate test methods, instrumentation, fuel or reference conditions can yield different results. Data and specifications subject to change without notice.

Controller Specifications

The APM303 is a versatile unit which can be operated in manual or automatic mode. It offers the following features:

  • Measurements: phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltages, fuel level (In option : active power currents, effective power, power factors, Kw/h energy meter, oil pressure and coolant temperature levels)
  • Supervision: Modbus RTU communication on RS485
  • Reports: (In option : 2 configurable reports)
  • Safety features: Overspeed, oil pressure, coolant temperatures, minimum and maximum voltage, minimum and maximum frequency (Maximum active power P<66kVA)
  • Traceability: Stack of 12 stored events

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KOHLER engine KDI2504TM OPM (EN)

KOHLER engine KDI2504TM OPM (ES)

KOHLER KDI diesel engines SPE 33514104601EN-A

TP-6896 (3-15c) PAM KDI 1903_2504M,TCR 2504TM

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Control Panel APM303_EN

M137 enclosure concrete slab drawing 35002003506-D

M137 Soundproofed version drawing 30001516901G

Additional Info
Weight1746 lbs
Dimensions83 × 37 × 51 in


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