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Kohler SDMO, a versatile industrial generator


The story began in France more than 50 years ago. It is the story of an industry that belonged to talented people and cutting-edge French engineering. The power of the story lies in the calling to provide people with the vital energy they need, wherever and whenever they need it. The result of this success story is highly effective engineering, driven by the desire to always do better. This is what lies behind the already famous Kohler SDMO brand.

Among many excellent products, Kohler SDMO stands out due to its successful redefinition of the industrial generator, producing excellent and versatile products that are currently used throughout the world. The applications are endless: data centers, financial institutions, rental power, telecom, healthcare facilities, hospitality facilities, water treatment, farming and YES, even for home emergency power! Its robust structure and reliable quality brought our clients to buy this type of industrial generator and use it as a safe energy for their entire home.

That is why the Brags & Hayes team did not hesitate to accompany Kohler SDMO in the distribution and technical support of its products in the Caribbean and Latin America from our operations center in Florida. All our efforts focus on bringing the great Kohler SDMO industrial generator sets to our clients together with the pre-sale and post-sale service of Brags & Hayes.

Kohler SDMO, top of the line manufacturing on your industrial generator with special features

Kohler SDMO Industrial generator

SDMO Industries has dedicated itself entirely to develop and produce the best industrial generator sets. Such dedication allowed the company to elevate its exclusive experience to the highest level, from design to after-sales, including execution studies, industrialization, commissioning, maintenance and training.

Fundamental to this specialization is the support available for this exceptional infrastructure to develop the benefits of this industrial tool.

Recognized by the official bodies, SDMO Industries has helped implement regulations as a member of a European Commission working group. The company’s laboratory is an independent entity, one of only three in the world. It is accredited in the field of testing and calibration (standard NF EN ISO/IEC 17025: 2005) and has achieved recognition in specialization and quality of its services.

In addition, SDMO Industries masters new tools for 3D modelling, structural calculations and constraint calculations, as well as Thermodynamic and acoustic simulations. These aids guarantee you always get optimal results. There is a dedicated team of engineers specifically for custom solutions. They develop turnkey projects, up to and including the design of civil engineering buildings.

The end result are generator sets produced at the highest quality, often exceeding even the strictest standards.

Kohler sdmo key points

Kohler sdmo key points
Kohler sdmo key points

APPLICATIONS for Data centrEs and financial institutions

Kohler SDMO industrial generator

Data centres consume large amounts of energy to keep their customers’ businesses online, up and running at full capacity throughout the day. To avoid wasting of
electricity drawn from the grid and to further improve operating costs, data centres are designed and built with higher levels of efficiency, measured in PUE (Power Usage Effectiveness).

Owners of data centres today seek more sustainable ways to power their facilities and reduce their carbon footprints. Assessing the needs of your center and designing a power system that is modular and scalable helps optimize uptime and availability, reduces energy use and provides significant savings.

The reliable and clean energy of Kohler SDMO industrial generator sets can play an important role to help data centres avoid financial losses and security breaches in the event of a power outage. Kohler SDMO generators provide backup power in seconds of an interruption in the regular supply of energy. They provide backup power within seconds of an interruption in the power supply and the transfer switches provide seamless automatic switching between utility power and the Kohler SDMO backup power system.

The case for reliable energy backup is similar for financial institutions, which is why Kohler SDMO products have played a leading role in many financial installations around the world.

APPLICATIONS in Hospitality facilities power systems

Kohler SDMO industrial generator

Years ago, hospitality requirements were simpler. Casino guests were happy pulling manual slot machine levers. Hotel guests required little more than a clean room to rest in. And stadium visitors were there for the game—not all the action surrounding it. These days, however, we have much different expectations, which are driving the need for a reliable backup power that can only be dispensed by robust, industrial-grade power generators.

The increase in wealth has brought more travelers from all over the world. Whether traveling for business or pleasure, these guests expect hotel facilities to feature fast and reliable Wi-Fi, digital reservation systems, mobile check-in, sophisticated concierge services and more. Those who attend business meetings also expect hotels and conference centers to have high-quality technological equipment.

On the other hand, stadiums and theme parks are now complex entertainment centers that offer guests everything they need in one place. They can watch a game, relax in a spa, enjoy an upscale meal and relax in their hotel room, all on the same property or resort.

All this modern approach poses a strategic relationship with reliable power backup facilities. The stakes are high, may the operation of these centres stop due to a power failure. The strategic value proposed by Kohler SDMO industrial generator is key for this type of business.

Industrial applications

Kohler SDMO for construction industry

When we talk about harsh environments for generator sets, industrial and construction applications put any generator to the test.

In this sense Kohler SDMO invests heavily in research and development, with the aim to anticipate the demanding conditions and offer you the most innovative and high-performance energy solutions on the market for heavy duty applications.

It is obvious at the first glance. The robustness, quality of materials and reliable design define Kohler SDMO machinery. When we read its engineering characteristics and understand all the technology and research that is behind each product, we understand that we are in front of a reliable product to face the most demanding conditions present in heavy industry and construction. These are extremely demanding applications where having a reliable power source is essential to secure the viability of these sorts of projects.

APPLICATIONS of generator sets in healthcare

Power outages in hospitals today can have serious consequences. Although these failures are not common, they represent a risk that can involve loss of life for which all health institutions must be prepared.

Furthermore, to prevent all possible incidents, the existing international regulation requires that all health institutions are equipped with an autonomous and storable backup power source. The efforts made to comply with these obligations have resulted in the generalization of reserve generator sets in medical institutions.

Around the world, a large number of clinics and hospitals are equipped with KOHLER-SDMO generator sets, capable of providing reliable power supply 24 hours a day in the event of a power outage.

Kohler SDMO and Brags & Hayes manages your project from A to Z:

  • Prior analysis of conditions and requirements of the project.
  • Guidance, consulting, diagnosis.
  • Preparation of civil engineering guide drawings.
  • Evaluation of the project in terms of electrical requirements, taking into account the existing installation on the site.
  • Execution of mechanical installation (in compliance with current regulations regarding noise levels, polluting emissions and the environment.
  • System activation.
  • Maintenance.
  • Installation monitoring (customer service) and remote monitoring.

If you require a special design, we design a special industrial generator for you.

The applications of generator sets are infinitely varied. Standard solutions (that we have) will not always cover all needs, nor provide complete satisfaction.

At Brags & Hayes and Kohler SDMO Industries we always put your satisfaction at heart of everything we do. This approach is reflected in our values.

If your application requires a special industrial generator set, we will develop it for you, within the highest engineering standards. Whatever the energy required, the field of application and the complexity of demand, our company’s engineering department guarantees a turnkey project, manufactured with the highest quality standards. At all times, for all our turnkey projects, every single part is tested for optimum compatibility with your generator set. This maximizes performance, extends service life, and protect your investment.

Your satisfaction also depends on our high level of service, no matter where you are in the world. From commissioning to technical documentation, from maintenance tailored to annual inspections, not to mention training, Brags & Hayes and Kohler SDMO Industries provides you with a complete service to ensure your installations offer maximum performance and full reliability in all the life cycle of the product and installation.

Below are the official Kohler SDMO brochures for the industrial generator product line:


Choosing the right industrial generator for your application requires a lot of thought. If you need professional advice on these types of supplies, please contact us and our expert customer service engineers at Brags & Hayes. They will help you choose the right generator for you.

If you need to buy a quality industrial generator at the best market price and with the best technical support, here is a list of Kohler SDMO generators that you can buy in our web store!

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KOHLER SDMO 400KW Diesel Generator with Soundproofed Enclosure | D400U KOHLER SDMO 400KW Diesel Generator with Soundproofed Enclosure | D400U
KOHLER SDMO 400KW Diesel Generator with Soundproofed Enclosure | D400U KOHLER SDMO 400KW Diesel Generator with Soundproofed Enclosure | D400U
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