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Buy your power generator now and pay for it later

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In order to expand the payment options available by Brags & Hayes, we have partnered with Taycor Financial.

buy now... pay later

A team to make your life easier

In this new collaboration, Brags & Hayes and Taycor have partnered to offer you the best express online credit on the market for your shopping experience in our web store.

At Brags & Hayes we have considered this partnership due to the top-notch service that Taycor offers. In addition to its innovative financial products designed for the full satisfaction of our customers.

Taycor Financial has been a partner for the small and medium-sized business community for nearly three decades. They understand that your business is yours. Taycor helps you gain access to the Brags & Hayes power generating products to facilitate the growth of your business. Taycor has a tailored program to fit your needs.

We believe that this financing option is a perfect fit with minimum impact on your cash flow when you purchase one of our power generation products.

From now on, you can buy your power generator and pay for it later.


Maintain capital strength through financing.

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Small-business equipment leasing and financing have always been an effective means of growing infrastructure. According to the U.S. Dept of Commerce, 80% of U.S. companies lease some or all of their equipment. If you are ready to finance your power generator equipment purchase, new or used, Taycor financing professionals are here to make your equipment leasing and financing experience quick and easy.

Taycor offers leasing and financing programs that allow you to purchase the business equipment you need today while spreading your payments comfortably over time. Get approved within hours, with minimal information, and with no commitment from a reputable licensed lender.


Financing up to $400,000 is available with a simple one-page application. Early payoff savings will vary based on the length of the original term, as well as the exact date of payoff and program. The discount formula can often be included in a clear table with the final contracts for easy reference.


Enhanced and multi-transaction financing is available for larger amounts. Assuming a 10-month term. Both longer and shorter terms are available, and subject to final credit review and approval.

Why is financing with Taycor an option?

Generator installation cost
Improve Cash Flow

Let the equipment you buy to pay for itself over time with a fixed monthly payment.

Flexible Programs

Choose the term, structure, and even payment deferral options that fit your needs.

Tax Advantages

Taycor offers a full array of finance products to maximize your company’s tax benefits. (Please refer to your tax advisor about your specific situation).

No Prepayment Penalties

Not only are there no penalties, but there is also a benefit and cost savings to you when paying off early.

100% Financing

Finance the entire purchase price of the equipment you need with no down payment.

Expansive generators Options

Shop with freedom, and purchase the new or used equipment in Brags & Hayes Generators web store.

Financing includes consumer credit and business credit

kohler sdmo
generator maintenance

Financing available at Brags & Hayes through Taycor Financial has two options:

1. Equipment Finance loans below 5,000.00 US$: In the Taycor form you will be redirected to the manor purchase form for US$ 5,000.00 which are financed by

2. Equipment Finance loans over US$5,000: Your application and credit will be handled directly on the Taycor Financial platform.

How do I proceed to finance my power generator


Go shopping in the Brags & Hayes web store and pay later with Taycor .

STEP1: You will see the credit box at the end of the purchase, select the specific financing terms for your credit to know your monthly installments and the net cost of your purchase after interest.

You can receive a summary of your credit by email by clicking on email quote.

STEP 2: If you want to request your financing, click on Apply for Financing.

You will be redirected to the Taycor page. (Online credit application form).

STEP 3: Fill out the form with your specific information and the Taycor team will respond to your request quickly.

Once your credit is approved and issued, your generator will be dispatched to your shipping address.

Simple as that.


If you have any doubts or questions we will gladly assist you. Contact us through our WhatsApp (in the green icon on the right), through our email or by phone at +1.954.657.7777. We are prepared to assist you to resolve all your concerns.

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