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An expert look at alternators and the controller section of energy generators

generator controller and alternators

In the following article we share with you two very interesting episodes of Kohler’s “CriticalPowerCast” podcast series.

Both episodes take a look at the work of Cleaning up the Generator Specs, based on the work of Dave Schuh, leader of Kohler Power’s Technical Solutions Group (episode 1) and Nicole Dierksheide of Kohler Power Systems marketing team (episode 2).

In the first episode Dave speak about your alternator section and some “hot topics” that Dave runs into regularly as the leader of Kohler Power’s Technical Solutions Group. Kohler’s Technical Solutions Group, where Dave works, is in charge of adapting Kohler products when the standard solutions do not meet the technical requirements of certain clients. They then  proceed to adapt the products for special projects, with special requirements, so Dave really knows what he’s talking about. He offers a deeper look at power generation products and, in this case, the alternator section specifically.

Part 1: "Generator Alternators" with Dave Schuh of Kohler Power Systems.

generator alternator

In the second episode Nicole dives a bit deeper into the controller section. The controller section is of special interest because of its importance in the operation of a power generation system. We invite you to listen to Nicole’s interview.

Part 2: "Generator Controller Section" with Nicole Dierksheide of Kohler Power Systems.

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If you want to listen to other episodes of Kohler’s official podcast “CriticalPowerCast” we invite you to follow the channel at the following link (click on the image):

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