McPherson Controls | Voltage Regulator | ADVR-073

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McPherson Controls | Voltage Regulator | ADVR-073


  • Hybrid Universal Analog Digital Voltage Regulator 7 Amp. 
  • Designed with CPU inside which eliminates voltage drifting that caused by temperature variation. This designed has greatly improves the reliability of AVR.  
  • Over excitation and loss of sensing shutdown protections which will prevent AVR from damaging in overload situation.

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Additional Info


Details and Specifications

  • Voltage regulation less than +/-0.5% 
  • 220/380/440/480 Vac programmable input 
  • Rugged compact design 
  • With under frequency protection 
  • Over excitation protection 
  • Soft start voltage ramping 
  • EMI suppression 
  • Built-in high capacity 8Amp fuse 

Product Specifications:

Sensing Input Voltage 170 to 520 Vac 1 phase 2 wire DIP switch selectable 

Frequency 50/60 Hz DIP switch selectable 

Power Input Voltage 100 to 300 Vac 1 phase 2 wire 
Output Voltage Continuous 63 Vdc Max. 90 Vdc @ 220 Vac input 

Current Continuous 7A 

Intermittent 15A for 10 seconds 

Resistance Min. 9 ohms 

Max. 100 ohms 

Voltage Regulation Less than +/-0.5% (with 4% engine governing) 
Build Up Voltage Residual voltage at power input terminal more than 5 Vac 25 Hz 
Over Excitation Protection 78 +/-5 Vdc @ 220 Vac 5 seconds 
External Voltage Adjustment 7% with 1K ohms 1 watt potentiometer 
Static Power Dissipation Max. 8 watts 
Soft Start Ramp Time 3 seconds 
EMI Suppression Internal electromagnetic interference filtering 
Voltage Thermal Drift 0.03% per °C change in AVR ambient 
Under Frequency Protection (Factory Presets) 50 Hz system presets knee point at 45 Hz 

60 Hz system presets knee point at 55 Hz 


AVR Control Functions 
VOLT Voltage adjustment 
STAB Stability adjustment 
U/F Setting under frequency protection knee point 


Indication LED 
O/E Over excitation protection indicator 
U/F Under frequency protection indicator 


Operating Temperature -40 to +60 °C 
Storage Temperature -40 to +85 °C 
Relative Humidity Max. 95% 
Vibration 3.0 Gs @ 100 to 2K Hz 


Physical Specifications 
Dimensions 150.0 (L) x 115.0 (W) x 51.0 (H) mm 
Weight 440 g +/-2% 

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Additional Info
Weight1.2 lbs
Dimensions7 × 5 × 2.25 in


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