KOHLER SDMO Diesel Generator 40KW with Soundproofed Enclosure | K40UM

Optimized Sound Level, Compact Footprint - Big Performance, Reliable Power in Extreme Conditions. Designed for industrial, commercial and home applications.

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KOHLER SDMO Diesel Generator 40KW with Soundproofed Enclosure | K40UM


Optimized Sound Level, Compact Footprint – Big Performance, Reliable Power in Extreme Conditions. Designed for industrial, commercial and home applications.

General characteristics

This product is only for export outside USA
Engine brand                  KOHLER KDI
Engine type                     KDI2504TM-40
Performance class       G3
Frequency (Hz)             60 Hz
Standard Voltage (V) 240/120 single phase
Standard Control Panel APM303


Mechanical governor
Mechanically welded chassis with antivibration suspension
Highly durable QUALICOAT-certified epoxy paint, specially developed for KOHLER-SDMO
Main line circuit breaker
Radiator for core temperature of 48/50°C max with mechanical fan
Starting battery
12 V charge alternator and starter
Delivered with oil and coolant -30°C
Manual for use and installation

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Additional Info


Details and Specifications

Benefits & features 

KOHLER SDMO premium quality 

  • Design offices using the latest technical innovations 
  • Modern fully certified factories 
  • A cutting edge laboratory 
  • The generating set, its components and a wide range of options have been fully developed, prototype tested, factory built, and production tested 

KOHLER SDMO premium performances 

  • Optimized and certified sound levels 
  • Reliable power, even in extreme conditions 
  • Optimized fuel consumption 
  • Compact footprint 
  • Best quality of electricity, high starting and loading capacity, according to ISO8528-5 
  • Robust base frames and high-quality enclosures 
  • Protection of installations and people 
  • Approved in line with the most stringent standards 


  • Premium level engines, in-house or from strong partners 
  • High power density, small footprint 
  • Low temperature starting capability 
  • Long maintenance interval 


  • Provide industry leading motor starting capability 
  • Made in Europe 
  • Built with a class H insulation and IP23 


  • A compact and complete solution using a mechanically driven radiator fan 
  • Designed or optimized by KOHLER-SDMO 
  • High temperature and altitude product capacity available 

Base frame and enclosure 

  • High quality steel with enhanced corrosion resistance 
  • Highly durable QUALICOAT-certified epoxy paint 
  • Minimum 1000 hours of resistance to salt spray in accordance with ISO12944 
  • Ergonomic access to allow easy maintenance and connection of the generator  
  • Robust design optimized for transportation 

Product Specifications:

Generator modelK40UM
Standard Voltage240/120
Amps @ 240V167
Standby Power (ESP)40kW / 40KVA
Prime Power (PRP)36.4kW / 36.4KVA
Fuel Consumption 60 Hz Diesel at 75% Prime Power: Lph8.1
Tank capacity (L)100
Soundproofed Enclosure typeM137
Acoustic pressure level @7m in dB(A) 60Hz (100% PRP)69
Engine Specifications
Engine modelKDI2504TM-40
Displacement (L)2,48
Cyl. qty.4L
Alternator Specifications
Number of poles4
Number of bearingSingle Bearing
Indication of protectionIP23
Insulation classH
Number of wires12
AVR RegulationYes
Capacity for maintaining short circuit at 300% of rated current for 10 sNo


Reference Conditions: 25°C Air Inlet Temperature, 40°C Fuel Inlet Temperature, 100 kPa Barometric Pressure; 10.7 g/kg of dry air Humidity. Intake Restriction set to maximum allowable limit for clean filter; Exhaust Back pressure set to maximum allowable limit. Data was taken from a single engine test according to the test methods, fuel specification and reference conditions stated above and is subjected to instrumentation and engine-to-engine variability. Test conducted with alternate test methods, instrumentation, fuel or reference conditions can yield different results. Data and specifications subject to change without notice.

Controller Specifications

The APM303 is a versatile unit which can be operated in manual or automatic mode. It offers the following features:

  • Measurements: phase-to-neutral and phase-to-phase voltages, fuel level (In option : active power currents, effective power, power factors, Kw/h energy meter, oil pressure and coolant temperature levels)
  • Supervision: Modbus RTU communication on RS485
  • Reports: (In option : 2 configurable reports)
  • Safety features: Overspeed, oil pressure, coolant temperatures, minimum and maximum voltage, minimum and maximum frequency (Maximum active power P<66kVA)
  • Traceability: Stack of 12 stored events

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KOHLER engine KDI2504TM OPM (EN)

KOHLER engine KDI2504TM OPM (ES)

KOHLER KDI diesel engines SPE 33514104601EN-A

TP-6896 (3-15c) PAM KDI 1903_2504M,TCR 2504TM

TP-6971 (3-23) WOM (SEM) Engine KDI2504TM

Control Panel APM303_EN

M137 enclosure concrete slab drawing 35002003506-D

M137 Soundproofed version drawing 30001516901G

Additional Info
Weight1770 lbs
Dimensions83 × 37 × 51 in


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